Locomotive Facts & Figures  
  Builder: Narogauge Ltd 1991   No.6 Medea 2-6-2T
      Medea was started with other Maldon Club members as a group enterprise in 1978. The name was chosen to compliment Talos. These names come from Greek mythology. This locomotive started life as an 0-6-2T. The original marine boiler was changed for a conventional one in 1985. It has since undergone further changes. The brown paintwork is based on L.B.S.C.R. Marsh Umber livery.

  Dimensions: Length 83 ins
Width 26 ins
Height 47 ins
  Wheel diameters: Leading 6 ins
Driving 8½ ins
Trailing 6ins
  No. of tubes: Large dia. 1 ins x 22
  Grate area: 109 in2
  Coal capacity: 14 lbs
  Water capacity: 8 gallons
  Boiler diameter: 12¾ ins
  Boiler pressure: 120 lbs/in2
  Valve gear: Heywood
  Cylinder bore: 3½ ins
  Cylinder stroke: 4¼ ins
  Tractive effort: 697 lbs
  Livery: L.B.S.C.R. Brown Umber
  Owner: Narogauge Ltd