Locomotive Facts & Figures  
Builder: J. Haylock /T. Woron 2003   No.20 Emmet  0-4-0T
      Emmet started life as a diesel, an Orenstein & Koppel 1935 No. 21160 0-4-0 mechanical locomotive. Reputedly built for V Weapon development site Peenemunde, it was bought back from Germany as a war repatriation to Fayles Tramway in Norden, near Swanage. It was eventually purchased with the idea of turning it into a steam engine. A new boiler was ordered, wheels re-turned and a pair of Smith & Rodley cylinders from a steam winch were obtained. Emmet was completed in May 2003 and its first visit was to the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway. It has since visited Hollycombe Railway, Statfold Barn Railway, Amerton Railway and Hayling Island Railway. It is currently visiting the Old Kiln Railway, near Farnham.
  Dimensions: Length 12 ft 6 ins
Width 4 ft 6 ins
Height 7 ft 6 ins
  Wheel diameters: Driving 18 ins
  No. of tubes: Large dia. 1½ ins x 42
  Grate area: 432 ins2
  Coal capacity: 200 lbs
  Water capacity: 99 gallons
  Boiler Diameter: 24 ins
  Boiler pressure: 180 lbs/in2
  Valve gear: Stephenson
  Cylinder bore: 6⅛ ins
  Cylinder stroke: 10½ ins
  Tractive effort: 3122 lbs
  Livery: Red
  Owner: Narogauge Ltd