Locomotive Facts & Figures  
  Builder: T. Couling 2006   No.19 Athelstan 2-8-0
      Based on East African Railway's (E.A.R.) Class 24 locomotives, Athelstan is a development of No.12 Pioneer, but with a 2-8-0 wheel arrangement. Painted in E.A.R. Maroon, Athelstan is fitted with vacuum disc brakes on the tender and has the cylinders inclined at approximately 10 degrees. Athelstan is named after the first King of England; grandson of Alfred the Great.  
  Dimensions: Length 122 ins
Width 29 ins
Height 48 ins
  Wheel diameters: Leading 6 ins
Driving 8 ins
  No. of tubes: Large dia. 1 ins x 22
  Grate area: 110 in2
  Coal capacity: 112 lbs
  Water capacity: 60 gallons
  Boiler diameter: 12¾ ins
  Boiler pressure: 120 lbs/in2
  Valve gear: Walschaerts
  Cylinder bore: 3½ ins
  Cylinder stroke: 4¼ ins
  Tractive effort: 664 lbs
  Livery: E.A.R. Maroon
  Owner: T. Couling