Locomotive Facts & Figures
Builder: J. Haylock /T. Woron 1989   No.21 15 Inch Engine0-4-2T
The part built 15” gauge engine was started by Brian Gent of F.M.B. Engineering as a 0-4-0T replica of one of the earliest narrow gauge miniature steam locomotives originally designed and built by the minimum gauge railway pioneer Sir Arthur Heywood. Four replicas of Katie were started but Jim Haylock acquired one of the chassis in exchange for three ex-Jaywick Sands Railway coaches. One of Sir Arthur’s principals was that a stoat mackintosh was superior to an enclosed cab but Jim has decided to add a cab to protect the engine crew from inclement weather. This modification required the provision of a two-wheel rear pony truck. A new boiler was commissioned and patterns were made to allow new cylinders to be cast.
  Dimensions: Length 112 ins
Width 45 ins
Height 80 ins
  Wheel diameters: Driving 14 ins
Trailing 11 ins
  No. of tubes: Large dia. 1¼ ins x 42
  Grate area: 53 ins2
  Coal capacity: n/a lbs
  Water capacity: n/a gallons
  Boiler diameter: 24 ins
  Boiler pressure: 180 lbs/ins2
  Valve gear: Walschaerts
  Cylinder bore: 5½ ins
  Cylinder stroke: 7½ ins
  Tractive effort: n/a
  Livery: Brown Ochre
  Owner: Narogauge Ltd