Track Layout

The 7¼ inch gauge track at Moors Valley Railway uses aluminium rails and wooden sleepers. The main ride is one mile long, but the total track length, including sidings, is about one and a half miles. Features include four foot bridges, four tunnels, one railway bridge, two signal boxes, two stations, a waiting room, a turntable, an engine shed, two carriage sheds, and several signal gantrys. There is also a shop, refreshment
kiosk and two ice cream outlets.

Kingsmere Station, Model & Gift Shop
Carriage Shed
Kingsmere East Signal Box
Kingsmere West Signal Box
Engine Shed
Goods Yard
Bramble Cutting
Footbridge and Level Crossing
Kings Tunnel
Picnic Area
Moors Tunnel
Oak Tunnel
Tinkerbell Hill
Railway Bridge
South Tunnel
Play Area
Infant's Play Area
Footbridge and Level Crossing
Lakeside Station, Ticket Office & Kiosk
Footbridge to Infant's Play Area
Lakeside wild life areas
Visitors' Centre
Main Car Park
Lakeside Picnic & Event Area