The Workshop  

1 4-6-2 Chassis with cylinders and motion bracket   2 Cylinder and valve chest  3 Boiler  4 Coupling rods  5 Walschaerts valve gear
2-4-0 Tender engine  7Disc braked bogie  8 Coupling rods   9 Slide bars and combination lever  10 Cylinder being bored on lathe
11 4-6-2 Chassis upside down  12 Cylinder on milling machine  13 Cylinder on 2ft gauge engine  14 Stephenson indirect valve gear

Moors Valley Railway’s workshop is a true
‘Main line in Miniature’, having seen the
construction of over 20 steam locomotives
and two diesel locomotives.

The workshops are responsible for the
everyday maintenance of the railway,
locomotives, rolling stock and infrastructure
along with the construction of new
equipment. Much of what you see in and
around the railway has been constructed
on-site, in the workshops.

A smal, dedicated team of volunteers help
full time staff with all aspects of maintenance.
With over 20 locomotives, 40 coaches, 20 wagons,
with over a mile of track, two stations and
two signal boxes with a fully working
signalling system, the workshop is always
busy enabling the railway to carry over
100,000 passengers a year.

Things are a little quieter at other times
of the year and this allows the workshop
to construct new locomotives, carriages
and track work for a growing number
of customers.

Please see Narogauge Services for more information.